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Puff, puff, pass.


Puff, puff, pass.


At least one local lawmaker believes Virginia should explore the idea of selling marijuana at state-run liquor stores.

 Delegate David Englin, a Democrat, is calling for a study to look at the potential benefits, reports NBC Washington. Liquor sales generate millions of dollars of revenues for the commonwealth every year.

Part of the legislation reads, “As society changes, products that were deemed illegal at one time are made legal and even sold by stores that are operated by government agencies in the attempt to control the sale of the products,” reports Katie Pyzyk at ARL now.

If the measure is approved, the public would be allows to buy cannabis at liquor stores operated by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC stores).

The government has been able to manage liquor sales just fine, according to Englin, who pointed out the same could be possible with marijuana.